Currently we dispose of 5 horses. All of them for both unexperienced to experienced riders.


a small rose

Rosita (a small rose in spanish) is a white horse with a lot of spirit but so nice to ride on.

Rosita is the leader of the group, so the most dominant horse but loyal to her rider.

It's a horse for a more experienced rider.


a little star

Estrella (star in spanish) is a loyal horse that was trained in Belgium for 1 year.

She protects her group but will never take the lead.So she's well trained and listens to the commands you'll give.

She can be ridden by both inexperienced and exprerienced riders.


to the moon and back

Luna (moon in spanish) is the lowest in rank but will fight for her place.

She's a very good horse a will admit errors of the rider.

Luna is suitable for inexperienced riders.


Kad is a 20-year-old Belgian half-horse gelding (neutered male).
The name means nothing specific and the reason for this name is a bit long to explain (for the curious this can be mentioned in walks).
He has many years of walking experience and has crossed France and Spain, coming from Belgium with Sherpa (see below) and his rider Olivier while walking on small agricultural and forest paths.

He is a dominant horse and because he formed a herd with the horses of David and Sarah (Rosita, Luna Estrella), he led the group with Rosita.

While walking he will be the leading horse, but he can also take a different position.

Kad remains a horse for experienced riders.


carrier in the Himalaya

Sherpa is a double pony (almost the size of a horse).
His name means carrier in the Himalayas. This name suits him well because he's robustly build and has a courageous side like these carriers.

He is a follower in the group, he is fairly easy to ride (so possible for beginners), although he can be stubborn and likes to run to catch up with the other horses in the group that are faster.

It looks a lot like a Haflinger (Austrian breed) but has no blond mane and is therefore the result of a cross of unknown origin.