Organisation and rates

When can we reserve?

You can reserve the whole year. If you want to reserve for a specific date or timespan, just feel free to check with us for the availability.

The horse-trips are always organised for a minimum of 4 persons.

Larger groups than 6 persons can be allowed also if planned in advance.

In practical


We will pick you up at the airport on the day before the start of the journey. The supper will be around 19h and is included. That evening you can chill at the casa or B&B and prepare for the next day, the first riding day.


Every day, the personal luggage needs to be packed by 8h30 so the organisation can bring it to the next stage of the trip.

The first day, after breakfast we will move on to the horses.

After a briefing of the safety guidelines and code of conduct, everybody can choose a horse or will be assigned to one.

When ready and packed, the trip starts.


The day after the last day horseriding, the he check-out is at 11am.


The breakfast, dinner and supper are included together with refresments with the food. Drinks between and after the meals are not included.

Lunch is provided at around 14h (included) and supper (also included) at arrival on the next stage. Drinks are included during the riding and one drink during the supper.

If you have specific demands or allergies, please communicate this to us in time.


What does the rider needs to bring along?

Obviously we provide the horses,saddles and accessories for the horse. 

The rider itself needs to bring the approprioate clothing and his personal helmet if he want to ride with an helmet. 



The fee is fixed at 999Eur vat and taxes incl. The fee needs to be completely paid to ensure you subscription for the horse riding.