Every rider gets a copy of the regulations below and needs sign the copy before we'll start the excursion.



Art 1. Definition horseriding

A walk on horseback is an excursion on horseback in group of different days with a member of the organization.

The member of the organization is specialized in the walk and is there to answer all the questions that have to do with the walk itself so that it runs as smoothly as possible and certainly as safely as possible as the walk in untouched nature happens.

The member of the organization is there to advise the walkers and may at any time step off the horse but taking into account that you can get off on a reasonable road / place. To be a riders of high level is not required but the basic experience in riding outside is necessary and for this of course a good condition is not superfluous.


Art 2. Organization - use photos / videos

The organization is in the hands of Casa El Cielo 8 & Finca Serrato. Every participant or visitor is obliged to follow and respect the instructions of the organizers.

The organization may post photos and / or videos on the website of casa el cielo, finca serrato and relais de Bruille, without any recourse. If for any reason a member of the group objects, he need to do so before the start of the journey so we can take this in account.


Art 3. Authorized riders

Every rider must physically and psychologically ride a horse. A minor must be accompanied by an adult and must have the minimum age to enter the road in Spain (minimum 16 year for the minor and the adult must have legal authorisation regarding the minor if they are not the legal guardians). We also reserve us the right to refuse riders with weight-excess. (max 120kg).


Art 4. Equipment and road code

The participant must have appropriate clothing to ride the horse. This regards long pants, boots or closed shoes that are also suitable for the mountains. Chaps are recommended for avoiding friction against the material (saddle, ...) and for protecting against the vegetation on the small paths but not mandatory.

A helmet is strongly advised but every rider can decide to wear or not to wear (on his own risk) a helmet and/or protective clothing.

The temperature in Andalusia can be very high in summertime so everybody needs to take the necessary precausions against sunburn, sun allergy etc... Water will be provided by the organisation.

All form of competition driving is excluded. All participants must ride the horse with respect for the horse and for the other riders. When the organization suspects that a participant drives dangerously, he will be immediately excluded.

The participants are adviced to follow the member of the organization but are free to move.


Art 5. Alcohol - Drugs

Every rider attaches sight to not to walk the horse drunk or drugged. The abuse of this is immediately punished with an exclusion.


Art 6. Damage - Theft

The organization can not be held liable for any damage or theft of personal equipment.


Art 7. Force majeure

The organization can not be held liable in case of temporary or final cancellation of an excursion in case of force majeure (accident, weather conditions, change of environmental permit, etc.).

No refund of the organization is required. Replacement activities are proposed, such as tours of the city, museums, ...


Art 8. Annulation

Participants can not cancel their registration, but have the opportunity to share their participation with someone else. Candidates who are refused due to lack of space (or injured animals / and / or sick people) will be fully reimbursed to the account number they have sent.


Art 9. General philosophy of the journey

The walks proposed by the organization are planned in the spirit of responsibility of the participants. We are not looking for "product consumers" but riders who are responsible for their assembly, equipment, good spirit in the group, ...

With this in mind, we suggest hiking paths pre-assembled on horses by the organization. And those on maps are at your disposal, as well as compasses that are essential for reading maps.

The organization does not offer any obligation on your part to teach you how to orient yourself so that you can walk autonomously if you wish.

In case of an error, difficulty, the organization will always be on horseback to help you without a judgment in your esteem. There is always a group that moves without problems and others who will contribute in a different way to the success of the stay.


Art 10. Weather / Season

Depending on the season and the weather, it is strongly recommended to adjust the schedules of the hikes, either by taking off very early or very late with very long stops between the 2, so that the hike remains a pleasure for everyone.